Charmed Kitty Catnip

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Another poem that amused me to write – I do worry about my imagination sometimes!

Charmed Kitty Catnip

“Gribbet gribbet” went a frog,
Hopping around his pond.
If you could also hear this thoughts,
“I’m sure I’m supposed to speak my own tongue..”

Of course with legend this is true,
But since this is no fable,
“Gribbet” is all that you can hear,
Of speaking, he’s not able.

It is assumed that to turn him back,
To his princely state of living,
A princess and a princess alone,
Her kiss she must be giving.

Alas that sadly is also false,
Hark! “Meow”, a kitty draws near.
A yummy frog he plans to catch,
He sees no princes here.

Pounce goes kitty and catches our prince,
“Slurp” a lick to taste his dinner.
Not only kisses can change this frog,
Prince grows, Kitty is our winner!

Prince stands shivering in his pond,
He stares at his feline hero.
“Maybe if I lick the cat,
My princess will be here also.”

Our prince decides to give it a go,
And hopes he’s favoured by Cupid.
But Kitty’s still Kitty and very confused,
“I’m just a cat, stupid!”

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