How not to implement Agile…

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I read a very very interesting blog today:

In short – it describes what happens when a development team get Agile really right. Consistent releases, adding lots of business value, working normal hours, creating calm from chaos. Brilliant. However, this can induce a certain amount of suspicion in managers as they think you’re not working hard enough compared to the chaotic teams that are always creating delays, working all nighters, making a song and dance and then fixing it a bit. Quite often these teams have lots of “senior developers” who write some lovely gumph that is ugly and inefficient to fix a problem that should never have arisen. These developers are nearly always congratulated and given lots of kudos as they are at the forefront of manager’s attention for being, well a bit naff to have to work 12 hours a day in the first place….

So onto my actual reason for this “blant” (blog rant) is that I see it in most companies where the efficient, clever developer is waylaid for lovely, simple solutions (the crux of agile in development) for chaos. Fair? I think not. Managers really do need to grasp the point of Agile as well as the developers (well some anyway) do. Simplicity is key. It was also pointed out to me today that because Agile is actually really simple and about making other things simple, it must be really hard to have enough to be an “Agile Trainer”. We decided that they actually add loads of corporate gumph that is detrimental to the process in order to “train” companies in Agile development. Isn’t that a bit daft?

This can quite often mean that your developers who are great get forgotten about for promotion and payrises that quite frankly, they deserve thanks to chaotic developers working like maniacs hacking away at things instead of simplifying the problem effectively. This can’t be the best way for business???

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