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In my capacity as Head of Tech at StylistPick, the onus falls on to me to ever expand our technical team to meet our needs. Problem is – I need really good PHP Developers! Where are they?! I have spoken to several people about the plight of hiring really good PHP Developers lately and it seems that there is a real industry problem at the moment. One problem is that I see a distinct different between web developers and real PHP Developers as do a lot of people. (Funnily enough I have blogged about people who can’t differentiate between the two before… http://kirstiehaxby.com/development/the-plight-of-the-php-developer). I have adapted my view since I wrote this post – it was a bit reactionary to a current project I was working on and now I’m not, my true vision comes forward. I think it’s so important to have a broad range of knowledge as we are usually within some kind of front facing environment. I myself am currently using Magento heavily and need to know a lot of web technologies very well. Here it comes, wait for it; BUT: PHP in itself is vast and to master it (if you reckon you have completely – this is a whole other blog post!) even just enough to do a good job, you really should know a bit more than your average web developer….To do that, you must spend a good proportion of your time devoted to backend tech.

Saying that, I am finding a real lack of passion and drive in developers of late. While I agree that remuneration is always an important to consider, I have seen very few developers that have a true passion for their craft. In a start up situation, it’s so important to have that dedication, passion and drive to succeed. It’s definitely something I really hold in high regard.

So we here at StylistPick HQ are really hoping to meet some really good and like minded developers at the Silicon MilkRoundAbout! http://siliconmilkroundabout.com/ It’s a day dedicated to candidates meeting the latest and hottest start ups and hear why it’s great to work for us!! We will be there with our pitches and MOST importantly…: SWAG!!! Make sure you come and see us QUICK!!

We are looking for PHP Developers, an operations assistant and to meet dedicated, passionate and driven developers! If that’s you – watch out for all of us in our OH SO STYLISH stylistpick tshirts!!! You’ll spot me, I have WE’RE HIRING on the back and will be animatedly explaining our engineering dept to anyone who will (or at least pretend to) listen!!!

Hopefully see you there!

Silicon MilkRoundAbout: http://siliconmilkroundabout.com/
Silicon MRA twitter: @milkroundabout
StylistPick: www.stylistpick.com
StylistPick Twitter: @stylistpick

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