A developer’s New Year’s plea

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Another year is over and how hard we’ve all worked,
Feature after feature released and not much borked.
The past year was in ways rather a triumph,
Lots of code submitted and not too much gumph.
But it is that time when you make you wishes,
So please here mine while you all share new year kisses.

Please make this year more successful with all things nice and sweet,
Make all my sequence diagrams lovely and neat.
Keep my fingers swift and deft for all those bugs and tosh,
You know those that were submitted on Christmas Eve, shush!
Please keep my SVN nice and clean with not too many conflicts,
And my server stack running with no sign of hardware gone corrupt.
Keep all my code free from the dreaded typos,
Plus keep it object oriented and not like spaghetti o’s
Please keep my coffee forever hot and constantly forthcoming,
Also keep my tunes fresh and in supply with spotify always humming.
Oh and please never ever forget to keep my beer mug full,
For those times after all nighters where we deliver the latest bull – errr I mean release!!!

Most importantly this year I ask only one more thing,
Make my code earn lots of money to buy me more BLING!!

😀 Happy new year to all my techie brethren!!! xxx

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